Does This Bombshell OJ Simpson Tape Show The Moment He ‘Accidentally Admitted' Murdering His Wife

05 Jun 2018 12:01

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Translators appear to often resist altering, and choose to maintain utilizing ‘text type' one of the factors may be that they are not completely ready to move toward a new theory that will lead to a modify in their day-to-day practice.Thanks for your comment and I am glad you enjoy the weblog! Back in 2006, ATA's compensation survey showed full-time freelancers creating an income of slightly over US $60,000 per year. So if you happen to be earning less than 35K in 2013, then yes, I'd say that is on the low side (particularly if you have lots of operate: absolutely the best time to raise your prices). The 75K figure comes from a conversation with a colleague who worked on a various compensation survey (that is not publicly available), but it sounds affordable to me as an average. Most of the translators I work with who have at least some direct consumers earn closer to the 90-110K variety.

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